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Monday, 23 July 2018
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What is Sembreak?

Sembreak is a Pinoy abbreviation of Semester Break. Semester is one of a division of an academic year, the time during which a school, college or university holds classes. Philippine Colleges and Universities often have two semesters in an academic year. And a semester break between each semester.

In Philippine Music History! Sembreak is one of the famous songs of Eraserheads band (Ely Buendia, Raimund Marasigan, Marcus Adoro and Buddy Zabala) on their 2nd most hit record album Circus, it was released in 1994. Sembreak song depicts an epistle of a day-by-day living of a typical teenage student which having a semester breaks that getting bored and longing for a love one. is a one stop resource of Filipino music events calendar, concerts and gigs dates, OPM lyrics, latest albums, concert tickets and Filipino radio guide. domain was registered way back February 17, 2002, one month to be exact before the Eraserheads band broke up, on March 17, 2002 Ely Buendia's last gig ever with the Eraserheads at Robinson’s Galleria.

At first I had plan to make this website a fan site for the eheads, but after they fall apart. Nagbago yung plano ko, hindi ko na alam kung ano gagawin ko sa domain na ito. Lumipas ang ilang taon naisip ko gawin na lang tribute site sa e-heads. But because of my work load and few side projects, I can’t make it again.

After 4 years of waiting and longing for the Eraserheads comeback. I have been doing a lot of research and I noticed that Filipino Gig Resources were spread around and there were no one stop resource websites out there. I decided to make an online gig calendar for Pinoy bands and to serve more. On May 1, 2006 website was officially launch to cater all Pinoy gigs schedule that sourced from bands, artists, musical venues, news media, promoters and fans. Mabuhay ang Musikang Pinoy!

"Perhaps it is music that will save the world." – Pablo Casals

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