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Monday, 23 July 2018
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MALDITA band with their Chabacano Music
Written by Cherry   
Thursday, 27 January 2011

MALDITA met the local press in the Phils. to promote their first album featuring the mega-hit song "Porque" under Viva Records Corporation. The album of MALDITA has officially been out since December 19, 2010 and even without the media publicity, the band already sold some 300 CDs in Zamboanga among their friends.  It features the songs "Tulero", "Selosa", "Gayuma", "Sayo", "Ito Ya Lang Era", "Bahala Na", "Sana", "Bakit" (the Tagalog version of Porque), "Ayoko Na Sayo", "Crossroads" and "Porque" (chabacano version).  According to RB Bandiola,  the lead guitarist of Maldita band, the first album includes two versions of Porque: the Tagalog version and the Chavacano version. They call it 'chagalog' (incorporation of Chavacano and Tagalog) version. The band members are Demz Espiñosa (lead vox), Whey Guevara (composer & rhythm guitarist), RB Bandiola (lead guitarist), Jimi Tristan (base guitarist), and Mad Nubhan (drummer).  The band's executive producer, Ms. Geraldine Therese Lim owns WINNERS Inc.  She gladly announced that MALDITA will have a lot of gigs and TV guestings in Manila and abroad. Ms. Lim had discovered the talented inviduals (Demz, Whey, RB, Jimi & Mad). Viva Records Corporation has taken interest in the band and promised to hurl the members to fame.  They will be selling Zamboanga and we're selling Chavacano songs.  At present, the band has been getting requests from Columbia, Mexico and Spain to translate the song into Spanish. Their talents were discovered in Youtube.

The mega-hit song Porque was written by the band's composer (Guevara). He said, "I think it's just an imagination but related to the real situation."  According to Espiñosa, the female lead vocalist, the kind of music they play is alternative pop rock. They are Zamboangueños. Having an album alone is already a great achievement for them.  RB (the lead guitarist) and Mad (drummer) said they were both influenced by jazz fusion, rock, and inspired by the music of Eraserheads, Rivermaya, Rico Blanco, Sugarfree, and added alternative rock bands.

The band had exciting 12 tracks and some of them are already potential movie sound track hit.   MALDITA was launched on December 30, 2010 its first ever album at BAR Code in Paseo del Mar. © 2006-2012. All other trademarks mentioned belong to their respective owners.

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