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Monday, 23 July 2018
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Pinoy Band Names
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Pinoy Music Blog
Written by Noypi   
Saturday, 15 July 2006
The inspiration behind Pinoy band names and rumors flourish. Bands often have unusual names and here are the origins of some admired bands both past and present. I can't verify all of these stories, some comes from interviews of actual band members, some came from third party hearsay, but we will attempt to give you the most accurate explanations available.

Asin was initially known as Salt of the Earth from the song of Joan Baez, but later Filipinized their name into "Asin", which means salt in Filipino language.

Barbie’s Cradle wasn’t the first choice for the band’s name; there are Barbie’s Poetry and Barbie Sleeps for other possible names. But their record company was not well fond with it and wants more idea with the name until finally they come up with Barbie’s Cradle on 1998.

Cueshe name comes from bananacue (bananas cooked with charcoals, a delicacy in the Philippines) and the pronoun "she". The "shé", pronounced "shay", comes from the gender of the vocalist, who was female. According to the band, an accent was added at the end of Cueshé to make it attractive to hear.

Eraserheads taking its name after the David Lynch movie Eraserhead.

Imago doesn’t think too much of their name, they just think of what a best word can present them, an identity to marked them as Imago is good enough. It was suggested by the band guitarist Tim Cacho and agreed by the group.

Junior Kilat name is taken from the 70's Cebuano band Leon Kilat, who they claim, sang first about "Agta".

Kjwan band name simply came from the story of one of their co-band member, that have a story of one professor of him who always use to say "kwan" during class. Until they established the band and think of a name and came up with Kjwan.

Mayonnaise name was adopted from one of their favorite band, The Smashing Pumpkins's track song Mayonnaise on the Siamese Dream album 1993.

MYMP stands for Make Your Momma Proud.

Orange and Lemons name is suggested by their friend (former bandmate of clem and mcoy) which they "ONL" didn't know what it really means, until somebody tell them that their name come from the 2nd album of the brit band "XTC".

Parokya ni Edgar derives by the band from a school subject Noli Me Tangere main character relating to a joke.

Pupil came out of the blue by Ely Buendia while looking through a medical book. The tried quite a few other names for the band until they come up with Pupil which they most like the meaning of it as part of the eye where light come into.

Rivermaya established their name with numbers of possible names to choose from, but one member of the band chooses it. They plan to change it but they are ready to introduced to the public and surprisingly their name catch the heart of the public.

Spongecola were originally named Sponge but they found out that another band were using that same name. They change their name to Sponge Cola where they keep the word Sponge where they are related and known.

Syato named after the old pinoy game of wooden sticks

The Dawn derived their name from a portrait of the Holy Spirit that symbolized the dawn of a new day.

Truefaith got its name from New Order's 1987 hit single "True Faith", revealing the group's new wave origins.

Urbandub was supposed to be a reggae band mixed to play with dub, ska, dancehall, hiphop, and rock. But because of influences, their sound and songs change but they not tried to change their name since they were already known.

UpDharmaDown rooted from the word dharma that means laws of life. It applies with their music, though they have different musical influences they still come up with vibrant music which meet listener’s taste.

Yano derived from Cebuano word simple or ordinary. It also means abundant or plenty like in example "Your so abundant of beauty"! In English word it means yeas or no.

This list will update as time goes on. If you have a correction to make or something to add, please click here to submit.

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